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Born and raised in Santa Barbara, David has taken his diverse experience that he developed in restaurants to build a business that truly serves his community. He has partnered with the best chefs and service staff in the area to serve you, your people, and your vision. 

Where there is food there is gathering and where there is gathering there is joy.


Like many, David took the circumstances of the pandemic to redirect his career trajectory. It wasn't until he lost the dream opportunity to partner in opening a restaurant, that he realized his strengths in entrepreneurship.


His eyes were opened once he began offering food in non-convential styles including: home delivery, wholesale production for local coffee shops, and pop-up events at local breweries.


When pandemic restrictions were lifted, David began using the tool he had built to offer full-service catered events. It was then that he realized his passion had been fully discovered.  


David attributes much of his passion and success in this industry to his dear, late friend, Chef Pete Clements. Not only did Pete teach David so many personal/professional lessons, he also showed David the importance of community...which revolved around using food as a way to build lasting relationships and create unforgettable memories.


Pete owned and operated his own catering business and used his resources to help David start a business of his own.

Pete will always hold a special piece of our hearts and his memory lives on in our dedication for serving joy through our work.

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